How To Find An Excellent Receptionist


If your company has front desk or receptionist needs, you know how hard it is to find the right person to fill that position for more than just a few months. You need someone who can handle the variety of personalities that walk through your doors, solve problems quickly, and stay with you long-term. If you’re having trouble finding and keeping front desk employees, we can help.

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How To Run A Better Business


As a manager, entrepreneur, or business operator, it’s easy to get distracted by the moment-to-moment hustle of running a business and focus on just surviving the day. But if you keep your focus on your never-ending daily To Do list…

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How To Create A Successful Internship Program

Do you consider interns as a pipeline to full time employment? If not, it may be time to consider changing your mindset. With the average internship lasting 10-12 weeks, we encourage you to view your interns as potential full time employees who can make your company thrive.

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What Employers Need To Know About Digital Training

Thorough staff training is vital, but on-site training can be expensive and time-consuming. New digital training platforms – called Learning Management Systems – are revolutionizing the way businesses bring their teams up to date.

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Top Job Market Trends for 2019 & Beyond

Whether you’re a job seeker or a hiring manager looking for the talent you need to grow your business, a clear-eyed understanding of today’s job market can help you get what you want in 2019.

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For Employers: 7 Ways to Attract and Engage Top Talent

You can’t afford to lose your top employees, and that means keeping them happy and engaged. They’ll respond when you offer them opportunities for growth, from greater control of their projects and career path to training and other educational enrichment.

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For Employers: 6 Ways to Attract and Retain High Quality Staff

At TAI, we’re experts in helping managers, operators, and hiring managers build the best teams for their companies. We partner with companies in many different industries to lead their end-to-end recruitment services. In this blog, we’re giving away a few of trade secrets, i.e. our tips on how we help companies find and keep the best of the best.

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