7 Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

There’s no doubt about it. LinkedIn is the top social media platform for jobseekers and hiring managers looking to connect. If you’re job searching and you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on job listings, relationships with employers at your dream company, and more. But just having a LinkedIn account isn’t enough. Your profile has to stand out from the 590 million other users to catch the eyes of hiring managers. We’ll show you how in today’s blog.

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How To Be An Amazing Intern

Congratulations, you secured an internship! Whether you’ve had internships in the past or this if your very first one, make it your priority to get the most out of this precious 9-12 weeks. During this time, you’ll have opportunities to cultivate beneficial relationships, impress your supervisors, and even put yourself on a path towards full-time employment at the company.


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6 Easy Ways to Demonstrate Your Value To Your Boss

We’ve written a lot on our blog about how hiring managers can attract and retain top talent. It’s high time we wrote to jobseekers and employees about a similar topic, i.e. how to add value and demonstrate that value in your company.

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